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3-Gun Geezer Fun Shoots

1911 Govt pistolPSC is proud to announce our latest series of 3-gun competitions: "Geezer".

Think of it as Cowboy Action / Wild Bunch without all of the restrictions.

Read more: 3-Gun Geezer Fun Shoots

Cowboy Action Shooting and 2016 Schedule

Cowboy Action Shooting

One of our favorite activities around here (besides Trap and Plinking) is Cowboy Action Shooting! Not to be confused with "quick draw", Cowboy Action Shooting utilizes live ammunition, steel targets, multiple firearms (revolvers, rifle, shotgun) and a whole lot of 1880's era hoo-ya.

If you're not familiar with the sport, then check out the description on our Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting Class page.

But if you are a cowboy shooter.... then this is the club you want to shoot with.

Read more: Cowboy Action Shooting and 2016 Schedule

Liability Release Form

Liability Release Form for Range Facilities

All members and visitors to the Panorama Sportsmans Club are required to fill out and submit a copy of this liability release form. This is required of all guests, new shooters, and spectators. Minors under 18 years of age must also obtain signed persmission from parent or legal guardian. Please download and print out a copy of this form, and bring it with you when you come up to visit.

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of our 2017 release form.

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of our Range Rules.

Click here to download a PDF (harder to read) two sided version of our 2017 release form.

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NRA Certification Classes

Want to become an NRA Certified Instructor or Range Safety Officer?

Be properly trained by NRA Instructor Trainers in maintaining the safety of your firing range or safely teaching the fundamentals. Classes are held several times a year, first come first serve.

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From the Clubhouse


Introducing the new PSC website.

It’s been a long ride, but finally we have our own website!  The domain and the hosting accounts are now completely independent and entirely controlled by PSC. The site you see now is still under construction and growing every day, but it is functional. PSC Members can now request their own club email...


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Cowboy Action Shooting

cowboy-iconPSC hosts Cowboy Action Shooting matches on the third Sunday of every month, and the Great Northfield Raid annual event every Fall.

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Youth Events

youth-iconPSC hosts youth events for the NRA and Boy Scouts of America in an effort to promote firearm safety and awareness.

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Trap & Skeet

trap-iconPSC has its own trap & skeet fields. Join us for trap league and open practice.

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