3-Gun Geezer Fun Shoots

1911 Govt pistolPSC is proud to announce our latest series of 3-gun competitions: "Geezer".

Think of it as Cowboy Action / Wild Bunch without all of the restrictions.

Participants will shoot a "cowboy action" style course of fire, using a pistol or revolvers, pistol caliber rifle, and a 12 ga pump or lever shotgun. Ideally, you would shoot with an early version 1911 pistol (tiny GI sights), a lever action rifle, and a "97 shotgun. But.... this is Geezer. A competitive class for those who would rather just shoot than compete! So shoot whatever you can -- .45 or 9mm pistol, a set of revolvers, and as close to a period rifle and shotgun as you can get. Unlike SASS rules, your rifle can be .38, 9mm, or larger pistol caliber. But if all you own is a .22LR -- well, pard'ner, shoot that! Or borrow a gun or two from one of us.

Costuming.... or lack of. Ideally, period western or early 1900's (Wild Bunch). But otherwise, just wear what you can or what you want. No SASS rules.

Lots of fun for everybody!

We shoot on the Saturday of the third full weekend of the month, the same weekend we schedule SASS Cowboy Action on Sunday.